Wednesday, June 06, 2007

O que uma pessoa apanha quando procura 'worms' no Google

A brincadeira começou com caracois, e comigo a mostrar a toda a gente as igualias lá da terra de que eu tanto gosto (aqui para nós; só dos pequenos, dá-me assim um bocado de nojo comer as grandes caracoladas....).
De nojice em nojice chegámos ás minhocas e lesmas, que resolvemos procurar na net. Cheguei então ao contacto com estas verdadeiras pérolas que vos transcrevo:

I have worms in my anus, little ones, what are they?(1)
When i pooped last night, little white wormlike things come out of me and they cause me to itch. Some of them are dead and some are alive. What the heck are they? (2)Are they dangerous? (3) Should I ask a doctor about them? (4)

1- parasites. As you may as well be of this society if you have 23yrs old and you have no idea about what is a parasite.
2-Ok. I understand that you do not know what are these weird things coming from your anus, but pleaaaaase save us from asking the same question all over again…its disgusting!
3. well… do you really think that is normal to have ‘worms’ in your body? So they might be dangerous.
4-Yes, you should. Actually you better do it imediatellyyyyyyy!

How do I stop my cat from licking its anus?

Arrrrgh! What about giving him something nicer to lick? Like a lollipop or something? And definitively give him some pills, otherwise prepare yourself for some contortionism as soon you´ll be dying to lick yours as well.

'Doctor my son keeps picking his nose. Could he have worms?'

Oh yeh! Coming from he’s brain. Make sure you keep them, dead or alive, they might restore vital functions.

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