Sunday, September 28, 2008

As coisas que aparecem quando se googla "Felicidade"

10 Commandements for Total Happiness:

1. Act Your Shoe Size. Whatever it was you loved doing as a kid, start doing it again
2. When it comes to sex, listen to your body, but give your brain emergency veto power
3. Preserve your little rituals: 9 AM cinnamon lattes, Sunday pedicures, August girls’ getaways
4. Miss no occasion where there will be great music and everybody dancing
5. Celebrate silly-versaries: your first paycheck, first kiss, first caviar
6. Manage your expectations. A galaxy-size gap between what you expect someone to do and what they’re capable of doing will only bum both of you out
7. Have an in-case-of-emergency-break-glass outift in your closet - something that makes you feel appropriate and awesome
8. Fake it till you feel it. Acting more confident, outgoing or enthusastic can make any wallflower bloom
9. Don’t try to fix everything or always have the answers. Just know how to listen
10. Be nice to mean people. Watch as they become confused!


Anonymous said...

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Olá, boa música Portuguesa ao vivo no London Astória in Charing Cross no dia 22 / 11.
Pelo que vi na internet vai ter FADO com o famoso grupo VERDES ANOS e os CORVOS um estilo de musica novo muito bom.
Vamos lá apoiar e divulgar a musica nacional.

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Restelo said...